Integrated Approach

We believe in overall holistic care and not just disease management! Our mission is to provide the most advanced and evidenced-based clinical treatment plans to people with diabetes, heart disease, and related conditions. And to enable this, we follow an integrated approach that includes the following steps..

Our Journey

India currently has almost 62 million people with diabetes, and the number is rising. Most people with diabetes have hypertension, high cholesterol, or both. Of all the complications diabetes causes, heart disease is the most lethal. And so experts in the medical community have created a new specialty called “cardio-diabetes,” which investigates and treats patients struggling with these co-morbidities

Dr. Shahid Merchant, a renowned cardiologist and founding physician of Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, had noticed the co-existence of these conditions in many of his patients. Having realized the rising prevalence of cardio-diabetes in Indian people, he felt an urgent need to address this issue and create a clinical model that focuses on prevention, early diagnosis, and management of this co-morbidity in an integrated way. .


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Every person's Heart and Diabetes is unique and we have developed a way to customize your treatment based on your needs

Treatment Offerings

India has withnessed sudden upsurge in incidence of lifestyle diorders mainly due to changing lifestyles and sedantory behaviours. At Amsys clinic we offer holistic treatment for management of chronic lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and others.

Heart & Diabetes Clinic

According to World Health Organization reports, in India about 8.7% people in the age group of 20 and 70 years are living with diabetes.

Kidney Health

Heart disease is a collective term used for conditions that affect the blood vessels and muscles in the heart or cause rhythm problems

Diabetic Eye Screening ​

High Blood Pressure (BP) also known as hypertension is a health condition in which the force of blood flow on the artery wall is high. 

Weight Loss Package ​

We often assume that all fats are unhealthy. But, this is a misconception as we need some amount of fat for proper physiological functioning

Alcohol and Heart - Can Former Affect Latter?

You must have heard this very often that drinking alcohol can lead to heart problems or even a heart attack, but you might not be sure how this is exactly explained.

11th Sat 15 04

Diabetes Independently Linked to Increased Heart Failure

Diabetes mellitus (DM) may be an independent risk factor for the development of heart failure (HF), a new population-based study suggests.Investigators followed 116 adults with diabetes

13th Dec 15 04

Smoking and diabetes

Smoking is injurious to health! And, this is true with anyone. Smoking increases your chances of developing some serious health conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, asthma, and cancer.

13th Dec 15 04